Startup Galway Meetup with Jerry Kennelly (Tweak).

24 November 2016. 8 PM. The PorterShed.

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway - Member of the Startup Ireland partnership
, Startup Galway

Galway is creative

And it's a nice place to live in


Galway's culture has a tolerance for new ideas where you can meet with other 'creative class' individuals.

Galway is "spiky"

Innovation tilts heavily towards Galway


Galway has a great concentration of innovative people in a tightly-clustered urban area in the West of Ireland.

Galway is open

Embracing information exchange


We are inclusive of anyone who wants to participate and share: companies, colleges, mentors, service providers, etc.

Galway is Ireland's "bay area"

So what's Startup Galway about?

This is an emerging initiative to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway, led by John Breslin, John Brosnan, Tara DalrympleMic FitzGerald and Barry O'Sullivan.

Galway has two startup communities around the tech (software/Internet) and biotech segments.

Tech startups like OnePageCRM, Ex Ordo, Element Wave, Duolog, Netfort, BuilderEngine, Pocket Anatomy, Altocloud, TItanHQ, RealSim, Tribal City Interactive and are in close proximity to larger companies like Valeo, Fotonation, Cisco, HPE, Avaya, SAP, IBM and EA.

Galway is home to a range of biotech and medtech companies including Algae Health, Anecto, Apica, Boston Scientific, Cappella Medical, Creganna, Crospon, Full Health Medical, Lake Region Medical, Medtronic, neoSurgical, Neuravi, Novate Medical and Veryan Medical.

Galway is a small city; there are at last count around 76,000 residents in the urban area. It is small enough that you can get your mind around the whole place but big enough to be interesting.

The National University of Ireland Galway is located right in the middle of town, and the 19,000 students, faculty, and staff comprise about 25 percent of the population of Galway. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology accounts for an additional 7,500 students in the city. The presence of several national research labs, including the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (formerly DERI) and the Irish Marine Institute add nicely to the number of PhDs and researchers around.

Essentially, Galway is a college town, full of smart, independently-minded and intellectually-curious people.

Featured Past Speakers

Barry O'Sullivan

CEO, Altocloud

Declan Ganley

CEO, Rivada Networks

Dermot Berkery

VC, Delta Partners

Pat Phelan

CEO, Trustev